Festival Updates

  • Visit the Philadelphia Acting Studio

    Visit the Philadelphia Acting Studio

    Visit our friends and patrons at the Philadelphia Acting School. For nearly a decade The Philadelphia Acting Studio™ (TPAS) has been transforming beginning actors into powerful-dynamic personalities.  In addition to the basic fundamentals, advanced concepts and leading actor characteristics our students master confidence, presence and the ability to connect with […]

  • We have 2018 submissions and more ..

    We have 2018 submissions and more ..

    Hello piffFilms, looking forward to fest #11 we are. hmmm. Star Wars has us geeked (sorry consensus around here is that we liked the movie) but the daily intake of submissions has us even more geeked. Really. We are up to 34 different countries who have submitted and are looking […]

  • 2018 Selections are coming in. What does it look like?

    2018 Selections are coming in. What does it look like?

    Update: Festival #11, May 2-5th, 2018. Hello, welcome to the festival! Festival #11 is 7 months away! Get ready with us. A lot is happening (VR anyone) and it’s been interesting to see the selections this year. We are still on Early Submission status for the next 18 days. So […]

Updates and discussions on @PhilaIndie films:

piffFilms ROKU Channel

piffFilms ROKU Channel

update: As you know we have been working to put up our first streaming channel. We chose ROKU for a variety of reasons but mostly because it harbors the best options for independent filmmakers to post and sell films. It also has a secret sauce that allows filmmakers to sell […]

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Festival update! 03 30 2017

Festival update! 03 30 2017

From the Blogs..., PIFF News March 31, 2017 at 1:04 am 2 comments

At long last we have emerged! If you are reading this it’s because you are interested in the 10th annual festival. We have a 5 day event planed including screenings, discussions, and demonstrations. We want to thank you all for attending our screenings during the year and for coming up […]

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Saturday, April 29th ~ Emerging Artist Screenings @UArts

Saturday, April 29th ~ Emerging Artist Screenings @UArts

From the Blogs... May 12, 2016 at 7:02 pm 0 comments

Update: It looks like we will open with 4 films, including a Feature from Canada on April 29th. At this stage all we can say is that you will smile. Or will you. Come watch local filmmakers meet international first time director’s and get a real chance to ask the […]

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2016 Festival Schedule and Ticket links posted.

2016 Festival Schedule and Ticket links posted.

PIFF News, Special Feature April 18, 2016 at 2:26 pm 0 comments

Welcome to 2016. We have posted the schedule to social media and the website as you may know by now. We had to wait until the last minute to post! We contacted many of you individually during this time. We could not get to everybody. We started letting people know […]

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Schedules going up – full schedule posted this evening.

Schedules going up – full schedule posted this evening.

Features, PIFF News April 11, 2016 at 9:10 pm 0 comments

Thank you for the patience and all the feedback. We are working overtime and have just added a venue. We will let you know this evening where but it is in Center City Philadelphia close to University of the Art Levitt Theater. It has 155 seats and wonderful projection. Please […]

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A most distinguished selection of films and stories for 2016

A most distinguished selection of films and stories for 2016

Features, PIFF News April 5, 2016 at 1:26 pm 0 comments

Hello, we are in the final moments of posting the schedule. Thank you for all the comments and insight. Like we say year after year, this is in some cases the best part of our film festival. We get to meet and discuss film like most people “never will” and […]

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Welcome to #PIFF On Demand - See the award winning films and trailers from past festivals!

TOWERS: Dir. Jet Wintzer Sci Fi

TOWERS: Two adventurous young women trip the post-apocalyptic American landscape when the human race becomes virtually extinct from mutations caused by radiation from cellphones and towers.

Now playing: Papiroflexia by Joaquin Baldwin

Festival favorite in 2008. See it in its entirety online here: Papiroflexia. An origami tale of a skilful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands. Papiroflexia (Spanish for “Origami”) is the animated tale of Fred, a chubby man with a passion for paper folding, who wants to […]

Whatever Makes You Happy. Trailer. Feature, Drama

Screened as part of the 2011 Festival. View Trailer here. Exploring the all too common trappings of dissatisfaction and infidelity in the relationships of urban twenty somethings, “Whatever Makes You Happy” tells the story of Anna and Alex, two fundamentally different people. Anna is a practical and bookish grad student. […]

The Lift - Full Version from Robert Kohr on Vimeo.

The Lift by Robert Kohr. Animation

Animation. Winner Best Animation 2010. The Lift explores the consequences of one very common behavior of not holding the elevator door open for someone rushing to get on or worse, lifting your finger and actively pushing the close button.

Digital Pamphleteer from Bill Simmon on Vimeo.

Digital Pamphleteer by Bill Simmon. Short.

Winner best Short Documentary 2008. by Bill Simmon. RT 6:54. Steve Benen is the lead blogger at WashingtonMonthly.com. I made this film when he was writing for his old blog, The Carpetbagger Report. This short documentary explores Benen’s reasons for blogging, his process, and how political blogging is helping to change […]

Standing Up – Trailer

2008 Selection. STANDING UP is a feature length documentary about young Afghan men training to become professional soldiers in the new Afghan National Army. Situated at the Kabul Military Training Center,

Franklin In Paris – Order of the Quest. 2008 Festival special selection.

A scene from Order of the Quest. The Venerable Master Benjamin Franklin meets privately with the mysterious Baroness Angelique Broussard in Paris, 1774. Scene from the Historical Science-Fiction series shot by MBN Studios in Philadelphia PA.

Santiago – the Movie. Trailer

2012 Festival selection. Santiago (Jesus Guevara) is a drug dealer who agrees to let Miguel (Dan Lopecci), a Mexican actor, follow and study him for his next role. With only Billy (Wesam Keesh) the cameraman at his side, the two set out to document a day in the life of Santiago. […]

The Beatles at their Best. Short

2012 Selection. RT 24:55. Made primarily from photos, video clips and interviews all found on the Internet, many only recently available, “The Beatles at their Best” provides viewers with the opportunity to meet The Beatles at the time that John Lennon says they were at their best. “We were at […]

The Revolutionary. Trailer

Runner up, best Documentary film 2012. “The Revolutionary provides a fascinating perspective on the greatest revolution of the twentieth century as seen through the eyes of an American progressive swept up in it. Sidney Rittenberg is a master raconteur who tells his tale of dramatic political ups and downs with […]

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