Welcome to the new site!

We have been working on the site for some time and are now ready to launch the beta version. We will be updating the site as we go in the next two weeks and look forward to a launch April 15th.  As usual, let us know what you think.

Some features: Festival selections. We will have trailers up and or reviews etc for upcoming screenings – prior to the festival as they are accepted. this section is a great way for filmmakers to link to the site as it will have it’s own landing page! Populate the comments section, share the screening information, or just share to your Social Media sites – get out the word. This is one way we are looking to maximize your screening . This page will have a long life and will certainly include comments by audience members so get those comments going and make it good.

Festival news: This is obvious but now includes Breaking News and categorizes all of the news events into one (Search oriented) section. this makes it easy to Search (from an indexing standpoint) when you are looking for things that you may not have been posted about any of the films or happenings at the festival.

Ticket and event sales: This feature is now more expanded and is driven by PayPal. you can also, now, hold tickets for pick up at the venue door! We will not be working with Groupon this year. We tried ti and it clearly is not for us.

PIFF on demand. You will see an on demand section that will be activated post festival for special screenings of selections. These selections can be purchased for a cost (.99c to $2.99) and are viewable to many. this is a one time fee that can be screened from “1 to many”. If you have a theater and want friends to come and watch or pay, you can do this. the license allows you to screen to a maximum of 15 people. If you need more then you will need to pay for 15 more. Simple. the idea here is to get funds back into the hands of the filmmakers as well as get the film out in front of an audience. We are confident you will enjoy this. We are excited to help pioneer this effort.

There is more, but we will post soon.

Regards and keep the submissions coming!

Benjamin F. Barnett

Festival Director

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