The K Effect – Stalin’s Editor. Drama/ Doc. Feature

The K Effect: Stalin's Editor

The K Effect: Stalin’s Editor

The K Effect reveals the curious and amazing story of Maxim – actor, instigator of the revolution, forger , Hollywood producer and Stalin’s film editor – through his amateur footage and personal home movies. A road movie through the most significant events of the 20Th century: a century shaken by fascinating utopias, which spawned cheerful dreams and horrible nightmares.

A fiction movie made with fragments of reality. An historical documentary made by mingling fictional elements. The odyssey of all those who dared dreaming and were swollen by their dreams.

The creation of a truth spreading from fragments of falseness fiction created with patches of reality. A construction that renovates the concept of false documentary and creates the illusion of a solid and well argued truth.

Title: The K Effect – Stalin’s Editor Venue: National Constitution Center
Director: Valenti Figueres Jorge Date: June 30th
Genre: Experimental / History Show Time:  2:15pm – 4:15pm
TRT: 120 min Directions: Directions Link
Country: Spain Purchase Tickets Festival Tickets

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