Wait in Room 219 ~ Dir. Frances Bathory. Feature

Wait in Room 219

Frances Bathory on set
photo by Katrin Albert.

Screening: Pennsylvania Academy of the fine Arts. (USA) by Frances Bathory. Maggie, a cult rock star, kills herself leaving in her wake an estranged husband Lewis and his nemesis, Maggie’s soul mate Louise. Each holds pieces to the puzzle of the death which are revealed when Louise visits Lewis and makes him an offer he cannot resist. The meeting that ensues finds Lewis revealing far more than he intends, unaware of Louise’s true intentions in talking with him.

Title: Wait in Room 219  Venue: PafA
Director: Frances Bathory  Date: June 28th
Genre:  Show Time: 5:30 pm
TRT: 79 min  Directions:
Country: New York, US Tickets: Purchase Tickets

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