My Brother Jack ~ Dir. Stephen Dest. Drama. Feature.

My Brother Jack

My Brother Jack by Stephen Dest (US)

As young boys; Found object sculptor JACK and his brother VINCENT witnessed the brutal murder of their parents. Twenty years later, the man convicted of the crime is released from prison and is found stabbed to death shortly after his release. Who killed the killer?

All signs point to Vincent who battles the demons of mental illness and sleep paralysis a condition that blurs the line between the real and unreal. To protect his brother, Jack is forced to confront his own demons and uncover the painful truth of what really happened on the night of his parents murder.
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Title: My Brother Jack Venue: PafA
Director: Stephen Dest Date:  June 28th
Genre: Thriller Show Time:  9:30pm
 TRT: 86 min Directions:
 Country: U.S. Tickets Purchase Tickets

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