A Tooth Tale (2013): Dir. Ron Fleisher Animation

Tooth Tale? (Philadelphia Premier)

Tooth Tale? No more Mr. nice guy.

A Tooth Tale (2012): This traditionally animated short tells the story of Tommy Malloy, a 6-year old boy who loses his first tooth. When he learns that the Tooth Fairy will give him money for it he hatches a plot to trap and shake her down for all her loot. The rhyming dialog and art direction pay homage to the cartoons of the 1950’s and 1960’s. (Philadelphia Premier)

Title: Tooth Tale  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Ron Fleisher  Date: June 29th
Genre: Animation  Show Time: 10:20 pm
TRT: 6 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Chicago, (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets
 Piff 6th Annual Animation Festival

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