A World of Difference (2013): Dir. Gerald Guthrie. Animation

A World of Difference: Philadelphia Premier

A World of Difference: Philadelphia Premier

Since a microscope enables us to increase the perceptual scale of objects, it might be possible to increase the physical size of that microscope and reveal hidden worlds in both microscopic and macroscopic dimensions. This enigmatic animation sets the stage for such a discovery by presenting unique machines that produce philosophical solutions on demand. These findings arm the central character with the knowledge needed to traverse a challenging path leading to an extraordinarily large, student microscope. The synchronicity of those worlds is revealed therein. (Philadelphia Premier

Title: A World of Difference  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Gerald Guthrie  Date: June 29th
Genre: Animation  Show Time: 10:20 pm
TRT: 8 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Urbana, IL (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets
 #piff Animation Festival

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