Art Is … (2013): Dir. Barry Bliss. Drama / Art

Art Is (2013) Directed by Barry Bliss

Art Is … Directed by Barry Bliss

(North American Premier) Art Is… (2013) Directed by Barry Blis. Emily Beecham stars as Lulu, an up and coming painter standing on the brink of fame. As she journeys towards her first solo exhibition, she struggles to deal with outside pressures distracting her from her work. Success comes at a cost as Lulu battles her Father lying ill in a hospital nearby, her uncompromising filmmaker boyfriend and a pushy agent. Meanwhile a mysterious collector who only engages with the world through fine art is desperate to own one of her works. Art Is … a unique musical feature film from the makers of Godard and Others, Poppies and Voices From Afar.

Title: Art Is… Venue: PafA
Director: Barry Bliss Date:  June 302th
Genre: Drama / Art Show Time:  1:00pm
 TRT: 100 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: UK Tickets Purchase Tickets
 PafA Member Screening  ALL Welcome!

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