The Art of Forced Collaboration (2013): Dir. Jet Wintzer. Art House

The Art of Forced Collaboration (2013) director Jet Wintzer

The Art of Forced Collaboration (2013): Philadelphia Premier

(Philadelphia Premier) A depressed artist visits the home and grave of Jackson Pollock in East Hampton NY with a beautiful collaborator in search of inspiration. While having a beer at Pollock’s grave an idea is born to collaborate with Pollock by capturing the sound of her breathing hitting the canvas of a Pollock masterpiece at the Museum of Modern Art.

Title: Art of Forced Collaboration Venue: PafA
Director: Jet Wintzer Date:  June 30th
Genre:  Art House Show Time:  4:00pm
 TRT: 10 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: NY, US Tickets Purchase Tickets
 Short Collection – ART

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