Clark A Gonzomentary: Directed By Daniel Warwick. Docudrama

Clark (2013): A Gonzometry

Clark: A Gonzomentary – take the ride?

East Coast Premier. There have been few artists who have changed our perception of reality, and even less who have changed the world, this story is about neither. J.C., an opportunist art manager hires a video crew to follow his client Clark, an eccentric artist. Through exploring the art process rather than the end product, they all spiral out of control.

In 2012, Clark: A Gonzomentary was given a four-star review and deemed “a gonzomentary truly realized” by Film Threat[2] and was awarded Outstanding Lead Actor in a comedy or mockumentary: William Clark by The 2013 LA Web Series Festival.[3]

Title: Clark: A Gonzomentry  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Daniel Warwick  Date: June 28th
Genre:  DocuDrama  Show Time: 5:00 pm
TRT: 100 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Philadelphia  PA (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets

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