Dead Man Working (2013): L.e. Salas. Docu-fiction

Dead Man Working - Strange but true?

Dead Man Working (2013): Philadelphia Premier

(Philadelphia Premier) In the very near future, the recently deceased are mysteriously rising from their graves. An emerging group of the living dead have people down-right scared…of losing their jobs. These fresh (and sometimes not so fresh) corpses are not here to eat the living; they have retained their memory of work and need to feed their hunger.

Title: Dead Man Working  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: L.e. Salas  Date: June 28th
Genre: Docu-Fiction  Show Time: 7:20 pm
TRT: 70 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: NY (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets

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  1. Smart, and funny cause it’s true!

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