Divo Menco Pop (2012): Dir Liz Goldberg-Johnson

Diva Menco Pop - Exploration of interior character motivation. Let's Tango.

Diva Menco Pop: Director Liz Goldberg-Johnson US Premier

The work is an exploration of the DIVA as archetype of the flamboyantly and uninhibited female , and the political empowerment she represents. My approach and animation embraces the exploration of interior character motivation and expresses complex and suggestive depiction through painterly means.Op Art blazes to suggest a gorgeous graffiti serenading the dancing subject.Alternating between live action and artfully depicted backgrounds, the journey becomes recognizable as a lush Tango seduction ending with a a spinning love letter of rhythm. (US Premier)

Title: Divo Menco Pop  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Liz Goldberg-Johnson  Date: June 29th
Genre:  Animation  Show Time: 10:20 pm
TRT: 5 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Philadelphia, (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets
 #piff Animation Festival

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