Kenneth McGregor

Kenneth McGregor

Title: Emerging Directors Series  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Kenneth McGregor  Date: June 28th
Genre:  Show Time: 8:45 pm
TRT: 90 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Philadelphia,  PA (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets

Kenneth McGregor

I have worked internationally,  as an actor for more than thirty years and have the extraordinary luck to work with many celebrated Directors.  They include Tony Richardson, Norman Jewison, Martin Scorsese, Frank Oz, Roger Donaldson, Bryan Singer, Robert Townsend….the list goes on and on.  These Directors also “emerged” somewhere at some point.  We just happen to have the good fortune to 4 new Directors working in the Philadelphia area.  They will be the Peckinpahs, Welles, Fellinis, Wilders of our era…just wait and see.

Louis Mansfield

Embarking upon an unsettling directorial debut in 2009 with little to no money Louis Mansfield completed the visceral and unnerving feature film, Birth of Separation, which went onto screen in several major cities and landed distribution with R-Squared Films. After Birth of Separation he went into production on two short films; Non Serviam and Folie Imposée which were accepted into various film festivals. In his third short film, Whom God Helps, he tells the story of a young upper class couple stalked by the angel of death, Azrael. Featuring head to toe makeup FX, this short film screened in twelve film festivals worldwide and received several awards

John Gross

John Gross has written and directed three feature films, two feature docs and a number of short films, including Twilight of the Idols which won best short at the 34th Philadelphia International Film and Video Market. Having spent years in Kenya and South Africa, Gross has had a singular wealth of experience which he has invested in his work. He co-founded MT CARMEL FILMS LLC with Sean Feely and Eric Sciole. With MCF, John is working on a new Feature Documentary set in rural India.

Douglas Cannon

Doug Cannon is a graduate of University of Delaware where he studied English and Film Theory. His first video productions were a handful of viral shorts on Youtube that focused primarily on comedy bits. Since then, he’s concentrated on building longer and more composed efforts. His first effort was a self-funded short film that doubly functioned as an independent study called The Monument. It received positive reviews as well as an article selecting Doug Cannon as the 2010 Student of the Year

Ein McGuire

Ein is a filmmaker, editor, Motion Graphics specialist

and composer.  He has directed several short films and in 2010, co-directed the feature documentary “Searching for Sunlight”. He enjoys taking stories about the human condition and “turning them upside down”.


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