Freshwater: Dir. Trevor Smith. Thriller

Freshwater - A crime story about the depraved mind of David Jennings.

Freshwater. Dir. Trevor Smith. Philadelphia Premier

Freshwater (2012): Meet David Jennings. Fishing connoisseur, recluse and… psychopath. Two Police Detectives are investigating the suspected abduction of a fifteen year old girl. When Detective Christine Ambrose comes face to face with the chameleon David Jennings, her instincts sense something is wrong…(Philadelphia Premier)

Title: Fresh Water World of Difference  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Trevor Smith  Date: June 29th
Genre: Horror / Thriller  Show Time: 10:50 pm
TRT: 17 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Australia Tickets: Purchase Tickets
 #piff Horror Festival

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