Internal Visions of Art 365 (2013): Dir. Erik Hudson

Internal Visions of Art

Zofia Kostyrko – Internal Visions of Art: World Premier

Internal Visions of Art 365 explores the life of a fine artist through the visions of former Disney Imagineering Creative Designer and Artist Zofia Kostyrko. Her new chapter in life has been to draw 365 portraits and tell a personal story about each of them. She takes to the canvas everyday to paint a face that she finds inspiration in. It may be an unknown face in the crowd to some of the biggest creative minds the world has ever seen. Her Art , Her Life are unfolding in time lapse right before our very eyes as we attempt to understand the heart and soul of this imaginative painter, and to ultimately reveal her true Internal Visions of Art.

Title: Internal Visions of Art 365 Venue: PafA
Director: Erik Hudson Date:  June 30th
Genre: Drama Show Time:  4:00pm
 TRT: 30 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: U.S. Tickets Purchase Tickets

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