Last of Our Kind (2012): Dir, Reed O’Bierne, Art House

The Las of Our Kind-Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

The Last of Our Kind: Directed by Reed O’Biern, with Emma Jones

(Philadelphia Premier) Weaving together film, music and poetry, ‘Last of Our Kind’ transforms the memory of a lost love into a ritualistic incantation of longing. Action is exaggerated and time seems to blur, as the lovers’ tale unfolds poetically into a modern interpretation of the Persephone myth.Shot entirely on Super-8mm film – the movie traces the poem, line-by line, throughout the city of Seattle in sequences of time-lapse photography blended with live-action that collapse and rearrange time and events into memories. Shot as a silent film, ‘Last of Our Kind’ features an original soundtrack created by Cocteau Twins’ founder, Robin Guthrie, interwoven with a voice-over recitation of Rick Linville’s poem.

Title: Last of Our Kind Venue: PAoFA
Director: Reed O’Beirne Date:  June 28th
Genre: Thriller Show Time:  2:00pm
 TRT: 12 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: Seattle / U.S. Tickets Purchase Tickets

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