Mechanical Cow: Dir. Carla Young. Animation

Mechanical Cow.

Mechanical Cow: Philadelphia Premier

A little boy constructs his own mechanical cow from a juice can, spring, cork, and other discarded items he finds around the house. In a land of the little boy’s imagination the cow inhabits a magical barnyard where he stops an evil pig from robbing a bank by doing a back flip and consequently becomes famous, rising to stardom in the movies, eating in fancy restaurants, and being chauffeured by a chicken in a limousine to the roaring approval of the barnyard animals who line the streets … proving that heroes can arise from even the most humble beginnings. (Philadelphia Premier)

Title: Mechanical Cow  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Carla Young  Date: June 29th
Genre: Animation  Show Time: 10:20 pm
TRT: 4 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Hilton Head, SC (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets
 Piff 6th Annual Animation Festival

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