Seed Story: Dir. William D. Caballero. Experimental / Art

Seed Story by Will Caballero

What does a Dandelion have to do with the world?

(Philadelphia Premier) As a lone dandelion blossoms in an abandoned parking lot, it divides the lives of several miniature people in this experimental narrative short film that examines the role of religion, capitalism, environmentalism, and fascism shot in macro perspective. Seed Story is the latest short film created by MTV Movie Award nominated filmmaker William D. Caballero.

Title: Seed Story Venue: PafA
Director: William D. Cabellero Date:  June 30th
Genre: Art Show Time:  4:00pm
 TRT: 12 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: NY / US Tickets Purchase Tickets
 Short Collection ~ ART

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