Shut up and Look (2012): Dir. Maryte Kavaliauskas. Docu / Art

Richard Artshwager - Shut Up and Look

Shut Up and Look – Richard Artschwager

(Philadelphia Premier) He’s an enigma, a magician, a maverick and according to Richard Armstrong, director of the Guggenheim Museum, ‘goddamn oblique!’ ‘Shut Up and Look is the story of Richard Artschwager, the 88 year old American artist, whose works command hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet fame eludes him. The film provides an intimate look at this extraordinarily gifted man, who late in life, abandons a reclusive lifestyle and allows the camera into the private world of his studio, his personal life and revisiting his colorful past. Agnes Gund, John Torreano and Malcolm Morley reveal the personal side of a very quirky, irreverent man, who continues to confound the critics by redefining his work and influencing a new generation of artists.


Title: Shut Up and Look – Artist Richard Artshwager Venue: PafA
Director: Maryte Kavaliauskas Date:  June 30th
Genre: Drama Show Time:  3:00pm
 TRT: 58 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: U.S. Tickets Purchase Tickets

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