Spaghetti fur Zwei (2011): Dir. Mathias Rosenberger. Adventure

Spaghetti for Two directed by Mathias Rosenberger: Screening at the Philadelphia Independent Film Fest

Spaghetti for Two: Philadelphia Premier

The likeable but lonesome man is on his way to lunch. Awaiting him, the outside world lurks menacingly: in his imagination it swarms with would-be crooks, hussies and criminals. What should have been a routine stroll develops into a dark odyssey, triggering a troubled conflict against himself and against the world… and ultimately, it is the underdog who is victorious.

Title: Spaghetti fur Zwei Venue: PafA
Director: Mathias Rosenberger Date:  June 28th
Genre: Adventure / Drama Show Time:  3:45pm
 TRT: 19 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: Germany Tickets Purchase Tickets
 Short Collection #2 ~ DRAMA

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