Stryngs (2013): Director Derek Presley. A fantastic journey. Short

Stryngs (2013): Director Derek Presley


‘Stryngs’ is a fantastical tale of life and death as seem through the eyes of Ambrosio the Great, an aging puppeteer!

Ambrosio the Great is near death. His beautiful puppet show is ignored by the village children and his body aches more and more each day. In his fading moments on Earth, he tries to gather enough strength to create one last show no one will ever forget.

Title: Stryngs  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Derek Presley  Date: June 28th
Genre:  Fantasy/Drama  Show Time: 7:20 pm
TRT: 10 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: New York, US Tickets: Purchase Tickets

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