Studies in Space: Dir. Tate Bunker. (Milwaukee, WI.) Dance / Art

Studies in Space (2013): Tate Bunker

Studies in Space (2013): World Premier

A dance film shot in ultra slow motion exploring movement, dance & space. To see in movement what the naked eye cannot. “I have always loved movement in film, and have tried several times to make a film that captures movement in dance, in a way that only film can.  But all those other films, shifted into different directions, leaving that desire unfulfilled.  However, this film is different by slowing down the dancers’ movements, one can truly study and be amazed by the unique details of movement and dance.” Tate Bunker

Title: Studies in SPace Venue: PafA
Director: Tate Bunker Date:  June 30th
Genre: Drama Show Time:  4:00pm
 TRT: 12 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: (Seattle) U.S. Tickets Purchase Tickets
 Short Collection – ART

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