Subterranean Love (2012): Dir. Robert Haufrecht. Drama.

Subterranean Love (2012) Directed by Robert Haufrect

Subterranean Love (2012) Directed by Robert Haufrect

(East Coast Premier) Shorts Series #2 ~ DRAMA. Two lonely people, with personal baggage, on separate evenings out – on the same street in Greenwich Village, she with a friend, he alone, end up on the subway platform where an old Eastern European woman plays rueful accordion music (she becomes a muse/cupid). They get into the same subway car and from there surreptitiously observe each other and submerge themselves in romantic fantasies (black and white). They never speak and she, just before exiting the train, has one last ‘fantasy kiss’ on the train, ending their ‘romance.’ Haunting accordion music and subway imagery add a fine subtlety to the romance and mystery.

Title: Subterranean Love Venue: PafA
Director: Robert Haufrecht Date:  June 28th
Genre: Drama Show Time:  3:45pm
 TRT: 21 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: NY / U.S. Tickets Purchase Tickets

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  1. Kenneth Mcgregor says:

    Can’t wait to see Karen Giordano work…..

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