The Story Man (2013): Dir. Erik Hudson Documentary


The Story Man (2013) Erik Hudson

The Story Man: Directed by Erik Hudson (Philadelphia Premier)

The Story Man (2013),  Leslie Perry is an important pioneer in the African American Theater movement during the civil rights era in California. Leslie’s life-long passion for the art of storytelling and his giant heart bring his People and community together to make this project a remarkable, life changing adventure to all that contributed and participated in it. As his stories had been shared with thousands of eager listeners through his lifetime, so should be this cinematic record of his life journey.

Title: The Story Man Venue: PafA
Director: Erik Hudson Date:  June 29th
Genre: Documentary Show Time:  1:00pm
 TRT: 60 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: Los Angeles, US Tickets Purchase Tickets
 Special: PafA Member Screening

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