Who’s On My Side? (2013): Dir. Stephen Josey. Drama

Who's On My Side? (2013) Dir Stephen "Stix" Josey

Who’s On My Side? (2013) Dir Stephen “Stix” Josey: Philadelphia Premier

(Philadelphia Premier) The feature film, “Who’s On My Side?” is about two brothers bonded by blood, torn apart by greed and reunited by death. Brothers, Blue and Maze Hill, live in the same city but are experiencing two different paths of life as they both have dealings with Big Boss, who is a major player in illegal businesses. While Blue is set on building successful businesses in the city and making things right for everyone around him, his younger brother, Maze struggles to live a righteous life because of a sketchy past that he has with Big Boss. Blue and Maze have always been there for each other, until younger brother Maze oversteps his boundaries in the illegal gun business…(Philadelphia Premier)

Title: Who’s On My Side?  Venue: Franklin Institute
Director: Stephen “Stix” Josey  Date: June 29th
Genre:  Show Time: 7:15 pm
TRT: 180 min  Directions: Directions to Theater
Country: Boston, (US) Tickets: Purchase Tickets

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