Zombi (2013): Dir. David Moreno

Zombi (2013)-David Moreno: Screening Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts

Philadelphia Premier

If you have no memory, a blank gaze, and you’ve forgotten how to talk… You’re a zombie, right?

Title: Zombi Venue: PafA
Director: David Moreno Date:  June 28th
Genre: Drama Show Time:  3:45pm
 TRT: 12 min Directions: Venue Directions
 Country: Spain Tickets Purchase Tickets
 Short Collection #2 ~ DRAMA


  1. This film captures suffering, and life and death, while remaining lighthearted and beautiful. ZOMBI is my personal favorite film at the 6th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

    Melissa O’Donnell
    Screening Chair, PiFF

  2. Benjamin F. Barnett says:

    Great film. Thank you for submitting!

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