DOSTOEVSKY BEHIND BARS ~ Plays & Players ~ June 26th, 11:00pm – 11:55pm

Dostoevsky Behind Bars @PhilaIndie

Dostoevsky Behind Bars

University graduate students and prison inmates meet weekly to discuss literature and share personal essays and stories. Classroom sessions and interviews explode the stereotypes of brutish convicts, out-of-touch scholars and callous prison staff, while offering viewers a sense of hope. Shot on location in a minimum-security facility in Wisconsin, this feature-length documentary pays homage to the power of the humanities, the art of teaching and the possibility of redemption for those shunned by society.

Title: DOSTOEVSKY BEHIND BARS Venue: Plays & Players
Director: Mark Kornblatt Date: June 26th
Genre: Documentary Show Time: 11:00pm
TRT: 56 min Directions: Plays & Players
Country: USA Tickets Purchase Tickets
Pennsylvania Premier

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