The Education of Ellis – Screening Opening Night! June 25th at Plays & Players

The Education of Ellis

The Education of Ellis

“The Education of Ellis” is a short film that accompanies the main character, Ellis’s, new mixtape, “The Education of Ellis.” This film begins with scenes from “The Education of Sonny Carson,” cut with shots of Baltimore, which have Ellis’s music playing in the background. Unbeknownst to the viewer at the time, this is setting the foreground to Ellis’s journey of becoming a rapper, later finding out that his album is based on the movie, “The Education of Sonny Carson.” Brought in at the beginning through clips, the middle with him watching the movie himself, and at the end when he explains his connection to the film itself, “The Education of Sonny Carson” is integrated throughout the film. “The Education of Ellis “ is scored with original songs by Ellis, having the lyrics take the viewer on his journey, as he progresses towards becoming an established rapper. Shot with snippets of Ellis’s music videos, the conversations happening among those around him, and he himself explaining his motivations, the film presents a view of Ellis as not only a musician on such a journey, but simply as a human as well.

Sasha Reider, Kelly Boyd, et. al.


  1. Joanne Butler says:

    Hi. I’ve been reading over the films for this years Phila. Film Festival and saw ” The Education of Ellis” movie listed. My son’s name is Ellis and he would think it was so cool to have a movie poster if possible. I will be attending some of the venues however I cannot make to Plays and Players for the screening. Would there be any chance of obtaining a movie poster? Thanks for your help.
    Joanne Butler

  2. Learn more about Ellis’s story from the artilce on DZI: The Voice:

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