Shady ~ Screening Friday June 27th, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Shady - "A Disturbing Film"

Shady – “A Disturbing Film”

A Japanese feature length film, “Shady,” is based on the evolving friendship of two girls, Misa and Izumi, while simultaneously revolving around the mystery of their missing classmate Aya. Set in Japan and filmed over the course of many days and nights, each scene helped set the tone for what would come next. Whether it be day or night, the type of weather, or the location of which the scene was taking place, it suggested to the viewer how to feel and when, anticipating what would be coming up. The score provided such help as well, as the film progressed and Izumi’s character became more suspicious, the music changed, setting a more eerie tone for the film. Although it is a longer film, the viewer is engaged from start to finish due to the continuous build-up of the plot. As the mystery is revealed, Izumi being the one holding the classmate hostage, the viewer is taken on the journey with Misa, as she tries to get out of her dangerous situation, all the while feeling the same sense of betrayal as she watches her friend change for the worse.

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  1. Sabbir Hossain says:

    Very emotional film about two girls growing up in current Japanese youth culture. the movie goes in depth into what the youth are indulging in the 21st Century. Here is the link to the tickets, go ahead and buy one!

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