Welcome to The Terrordome ~ PAFA June 27th, 11:45pm


Welcome To The Terrordome - Public enemy

Welcome To The Terrordome

Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome. This film chronicles their legacy and history, while revealing what icons of the music world say about their influence.

Title: Welcome To The Terrordome Venue: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Director: Date: June 27th
Genre: Drama/Action Show Time: 11:45pm
TRT: 86 min Directions: Venue Directions
Country: US Tickets Purchase Tickets

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  1. Sabbir Hossain says:

    A film that goes into depth about one of the most famous rap/rnb songs and music groups. Takes things from a different perspective. Definitely should be worth it. http://bit.ly/Pi7Tix2014

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