Thank you to all the Volunteers!

Thank you!

After completing our 7th year, we have much to look forward to in the run-up to our 8th year June 24-28, 2015.

We want to thank the volunteers who made this years festival run as smooth as it did. The festival covered 11 total venues. We screened 87 films this year and worked hard and with the intent to screen films yet undiscovered. True Independent films. This years program schedule is a salute to an incredible array of local, national, and international film making talent. We can only hope to expose the local film community to think or maybe try something new by putting us all in the same neighborhoods. We’re proud to continue our history of working towards this goal.

Volunteers are often the first people on the scene. They are eyes to the audience and often the first person a festival goer meets. We’re glad to be active year round to meet and discuss our festivals goals. We did our best to expose the volunteers to our brand prior to the festival for the first time. Gone are the days of doing it on the fly!

This festivals volunteers want a direct, hands-on, and flexible volunteer experience. We can now better provide that. As well, traditionally, we have provided volunteers and partners with all access passes to see films and participate as much as they want. This year was no exception and most of you took advantage of this and traveled to different venues to see what was going on. We hope you liked the films and add your comments to the film’s page. If you don’t see the films page on our Official Selection navigator, request it!

Thank you again!

Benjamin F. Barnett

Festival Director, 2014

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival #7

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