Submissions are open! Fest #8 ~ April 17-25, 2015. Wah??

2015 submissions are open!@PhilaIndie

You can mail submissions to: c/o Philadelphia Independent Film Festival  2401 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa 19103. As usual, walk ins are welcome! Online submissions submit here.

~ The festival gears are rolling. We have not stopped since the last festival and we are constantly out discovering and creating. We have great news which we will formally announce soon, but we will be moving the festival from our 7 year seat in June to April. This is permanent! We will be screening as part of Tech Week and could not be more proud to help begin the process of uniting these mediums with the “crowd” to truly enable and create a mass of innovation. We have consistently drawn foreign and national filmmakers to our festival and now having them integrate during Tech Week only adds to the opportunities.

Here at the Media Bureau, we have not stopped working to deliver Independent content to a global ecosystem since 1997. Connecting with the heart and spirit of Philly Tech Week makes that so much more a reality. The virtual opportunities are limitless. We are here to investigate and discover the innovation and crossroads of technology and culture.

We hope you will join us.

~ ed


p.s. 2015 submissions are open!


  1. Hi my name is Alex E. Edwards from Ungovernable Films.
    I’m interested in submitting our latest film to your film festival.

    What is the fee
    When is the submission deadline, If close what’s the next date.
    What is the best way to sent you our movie

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