2015 Schedule posted!

ROKU On Demand LOGOThe #Pi8 schedule is posted. 3 months earlier.Wow. The past 6 months have been the most intense and driven this festival has ever had. The amount of films we received this year out paced last year by far. That is the 5th year in a row submissions have grown. Year after year we dedicate our time to discover films and filmmakers that create a truly unique cinematic experience. Thank you for believing in our festival.

We have a few veins going through this years programming we want to mention. The first is how excited we are to be part of the Creative Track at Philly Tech Week. We are looking forward to engaging and enabling the festival for years to come across the city in ways that will truly “expand” our project missions.  Combined with our friends at MBPS , citycoho.com and others, times are converging. #PhillyNexus #PTW15 #betalab

Look for local filmmakers you do not know. Yes, in this small town we think we know everybody. We don’t. We have a great local and ex-pat community during this years festival like never before. Combined with our “local” out of town filmmakers, you just might discover the next legend.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the festival this year. We want to thank our hosts, Neil Kleinman, UArts and the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy. We’re here. 😉 We have special discussions and filmmaker meet-ups (Director and Acting roundtables hosted by the Philadelphia Acting Studio) that will be posted as we go. After film meetings will be posted as well. Our discussion thread this year is Digital Media and Propaganda. We are excited to have our longtime friend and colleague Dr. Alan Rosenblatt (@DrDigipol) again. Scott Kramer will be leading a Media and Education discussion. Kevin Provost, CEO of the world’s first Crowdfunding Business Accelerator, will bring tips to the table on the best practices. Pew Fellow and Fest Music Director Chuck Treece will be discussing sound and technology. We are cherry picking discussions already planned as part of #PTW15 and adding them to our schedule now. We are looking forward to the discussion through out the city.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the movies. Thank you to all who screened this year as part of #uff! Thank you to Screening Chair Melissa O’Donnell, Technology Directors Chris Varga, Keith Atkinson, Pari Najik, and Martin Olaya-Ferraro. Thank you to the #uff team’s – Philadelphia and Walpole, NH. Most important, to all of the filmmakers that believe in us, your Independent spirit is our inspiration.

Benjamin F. Barnett

Festival Director

#piff #Pi8 #uff

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