Piff Films Update- TicketMob ticketing solution released for festival #8

Ticket Mob  -  @PhilaIndie 2015

Ticket Mob – @PhilaIndie 2015

Subject: Ticketing for live venue and on-demand
As many of you know we are still working on ticketing. After writing our own little program 8 years ago or so, we never moved far from the middle. Their were complaints to say the least. After a few years trying we have managed to set up a solid solution with our friends at crowdtorch.com and their ticketing solution called TicketMob. We will have a robust audience management platform to support our festival and most importantly, our filmmakers. We will be able to add a whole new dimension to our advertising and marketing options for filmmakers.
We are still working on this and will roll this out in earnest in the coming months. Please let us know what you experience and comment here, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can visit the festival Box Office here.

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