A most distinguished selection of films and stories for 2016

Teri Tago-Ryan

Innovation Director – Teri Tago-Ryan

Kenneth McGregor

Screening Chairmen – Kenneth McGregor

Hello, we are in the final moments of posting the schedule. ECAM (Spain)Thank you for all the comments and insight. Like we say year after year, this is in some cases the best part of our film festival. We get to meet and discuss film like most people “never will” and we can’t be more proud. We have more than 85 films to screen this year from all over the world. We had 22 countries submit and from 12 different states. What we have are some of the best films from new and emerging talent you will ever see. All of them, chances are, you have never seen before. Come and be surprised! Most of the filmmakers will be at the festival to discuss. Phjiladelphia Independent Film Festival

We welcome any comments and as you know, we are adding films and venues as the month goes by and we get closer to the festival. any questions? Call or email us.

Emerging Artists Series Q&A for #APIH

Emerging Artists Series Q&A

We’ll see you later this evening with the full schedule posted. Check Social Media and our website for updates as the day goes by. Thank you! We hope to see you at the festival.


Benjamin Barnett – Festival Director

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