Festival update! 03 30 2017

At long last we have emerged! If you are reading this it’s because you are interested in the 10th annual festival. We have a 5 day event planed including screenings, discussions, and demonstrations. We want to thank you all for attending our screenings during the year and for coming up to us and discussing your ideas and films. We have screened films from over 34 countries. We have programmed from a pool of over 475 films. Our role has come to an end and it is time to pass off to the festival team.

The festival is around the corner, April 26-30, and we welcome you to join us and the Independent Global Film Community in celebrating this fantastic program selection for 2017. We will be screening short and long form Documentary, Drama, Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy, Experimental, Animation, and Music video’s from all over the world and right from our own backyard. We welcome interaction and discussion online and offline.

Get in touch. Thank you! The #uff underground film forum 2017.



  1. Bettina Baltazar says:

    When is the film A Million Happy Nows playing and how do I order tickets

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