Updated schedule. After parties are uniting! More info.

Update: Please look at the schedule for updated information including the launch of the Josh Real music video as part of the Occupants (SciFi) screening on April 27th @UArts. We are excited to premier this video on the big screen and then watch the ShriekFest best Feature after! Who’s with us?

People keep asking about the after parties and as a standing tradition, we usually do not announce until the event. BUT, this year we will announce earlier. Give us a few days and we will put it out there. We have great things in store (walking distance form our screening venues!) and can’t wait to let you know. It looks like our tradition of surprises will change. Oh well. Better for all of us.

Don’t forget to drop of Bluray discs, digital files, etc to the festival box office 2401 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 (or mail – now!)

More soon.

We look forward to seeing you April 26-30 for festival #10! #piffFilms #PhillyTechWeek #gearstuff #PRSguitars

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