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Powered by the Media Bureau and their 15+ year experience in Digital Media strategy, advertising with the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and its related eco-system is an inexpensive and fantastic way to reach independent filmmakers, enthusiasts, and interested groups for an entire year. Why?

We have been producing and providing true original digital content and design since 1997. We are proud to be ranked in the top 5 Google Search for “Independent Film Festival” since 2010. We are proud to be ranked in the top 50 (out of 5,000) festivals worth the submission price by Movie Maker Magazine (2013). We are proud to have the support of filmmakers from around the globe.

Interested? Call 267-228-0333 for more information.

Option I:
1 Year Film Festival website and related eco-system advertising campaign:
$325 per year Sidebar (300×200)
$250 per year Bottom of post (600 x 135)
$185 per year Footer (290×180)

Option II:
1 Year Individual Filmmaker landing page: $375 
~ Unique URL/Page
~ Synopsis (500 words)
~ Image (600×135)
~ Embedded Video /Trailer :30
~ Link to website and your Social Media pages
~ Weekly Social Media posts (TBD)

(ala cart ad insertion at 50% discount)

Other Advertising Options:
Sponsored Tweets: $20 per tweet peak time and 6 for $100.
Facebook post – 250 x 200 image with status update and link: $55 (Boosted post)


  • All original art must be supplied
  • Fee is one time and non refundable
  • Ads run on a 12 month schedule
  • Filmmaker pages can be previewed prior to publishing
  • Filmmaker pages will be updated twice prior to the festival. Additional changes will occur at $50.00 per update.

Interested? Call 267-228-0333 for more information.

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