About the Festival

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL Welcome to our 10th year. We seek out and program a self inflicted but curated collection of local and global Independent Drama, Documentary, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Music Video, Animation, Web Series and other  films at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding traditional and non-traditional theaters. We are committed to discovering and presenting a unique cinematic experience unrestrained by conventional boundaries.

We invite you to take part in our #uff and discussions held at citycoho.com and UArts, streamed live. We are often discussing the cross roads of digital media, film, education, and culture using #uff #indiefilmlab #phlfilm #phillyfilm #piffFilms #AI #bigData #gearstuff


How did the Festival begin?  The festival was incubated in 2007 out of the MediaBureau.com film initiative. The group had been meeting off and on since 1998 as part of the Philadelphia Underground Film Forum #puff (now #uff) and witnessed the strong demand in Philadelphia for Independent digital film and an understanding of the tools being used.

We launched our first festival in 2008. What was once a private screening group has blossomed into an annual event attended by locals and filmmakers from all over the world.

The festival annually programs films across 12 genres and produces or sponsors on average 4 film events a year since 2010. The festival coined the Documentary film genre, RealTime Documentary in 2007 to respond to the amount of digital travel and reporting (Documentary) films being submitted. During the most recent festival in 2016, we hosted 1,500+ film goers and filmmakers locally and from 20 states and over 12 countries in 5 days.


 ::: Festival ORGANIZERS :::

Festival Founder
Media Bureau, Inc.

Festival Director
Benjamin Barnett

Screening Committee (#uff)
Kenneth McGregor
Brandon E. Brooks (#uff)
Chuck Treece (#uff)
Bernard Glincosky Phila Acting Studio
James DiFonzo (AAA) (#uff)
Mike Salvi (Mike Salvi’s World)
Martin Olaya-Ferraro
Crystal Diane Stevens (NYC)

Business Development
Media Bureau, Inc. & Jack Boogie

Honorary Screening Members:
Sean McKnight (Cinema Alliance)
Boone Nguyen (Scribe Video Center)
Maori Karmael (Karmalux Creative)
Mark Richard Green – Walpole, NH (#NHuff)

and the void at Underground Film Forum (#uff)

Graphic Design (past and present)
Media Bureau, Inc. / MBN Studios
Nick Caine Plant Life
Sean Hilleman Masthead Studios
Steve Megargee
Michael Lassater (NFE)

Digital Media Strategy
Media Bureau, Inc.
Dr. Alan Rosenblatt

Festival Blogging Team
Benjamin Barnett
James Difonzo
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Honored bloggers
Amy Leonard
Adam Scheiner
Sasha Reiders
Sarah Nourie
Gabrielle Garza
Kelly Boyd
Lisa Spiller
& AFS SIP (Kris Long)

Digital Technology
Keith Atkinson and Pari Naik, MBPS.cc
David Nevins

Music Director
Chuck Treece & CO. (Ultimate Robot)
Flemuel Brown III
Chris Arms
Keith Atkinson

Digital Media Audio / Video
Martin Olaya-Ferraro
Chris Varga
Keith Atkinson
MBN Studios

Business Consulting
David M. Barnett
David Kurlansik

Melody Forrester – Artists First, Inc.

The Eco-System includes:
University of the Arts – Corzo Center for the Creative Economy
Afrotaino Productions
The Israeli Film Festival
Black Star Film Festival
Philadelphia Latin Film Festival
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Scribe Video Center
Shoreline Entertainment
Philly Nexus
Media Bureau, Inc.
#UFF – (Underground Film Forum)
Philadelphia Acting Studio
All American Artists (AAA)


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