Festival Screening Venues

Each year the festival looks at different venues to screen. We have screened films in the open air, IMAX Theater, the Ritz, the side of buildings, a 19th Century Church, comedy clubs, basements, and many more! We strive to match films with their natural screening venue and this takes us to many walks of the city and life.

This year we are focusing on the discussion and the making of the film.

Our home base is Philly Nexus. We’ll have discussions and the filmmakers lounge at the Nexus. You can find out more about CityCoHo.com located at 2401 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19103. This is not just about cinematic quality so much as it is about the entire film making experience. We will continue to focus efforts on Q&A, events, and discussions. Music will follow us wherever we go. Perhaps you can say we’re getting back to our roots. Thank you for being with us and providing the spirit that drives us on.

Caplan Performing arts Center @ UartsCaplan Performing Arts Center @ UArts

Terra Hall (Capacity:150)
211 South Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102.
Levitt Theater at the Gershman Y

Levitt Theater at the Gershmon Y
320 S Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19102.
Philly Nexus

Philly Nexus

2401 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19103

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