Past Festival Winners

@PhilaIndie Festival Laurel 2015

Official Winners – 8th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2015

Best first time Director:
Kathleen Davison. (Local) 88 min. ~ Primrose Lane. (Mystery/Thriller).
Film forum selection:
Remy Wallace. (Local) 25 min. ~ Brotherly Love. (Drama).

Best role (female): ~ Rachael Perrell Fosket: DEATH ON A ROCK
Film forum selection:
Constance Brenneman  (NIGHT EYES)
Elyse Levesque and Erin Boyes (FRUITCAKE)
Ellla Purnell (WILDLIKE)


Best role (male): ~ Rowan Bousaid: TALIORS APPRENTICE
Film forum selection:
Andrew Howard: UNBELIEF
Bernhard Forcher: QUALIA


Best Feature:
WILDLIKE (Drama) Director: Frank Hall Green. (Alaska, USA) 89 min.
Film forum selection:
Death on a Rock (Drama) Director: Scott Ballard. (Portland, OR) 83 min
The Kids from Marx and Engles Street (Drama) Director: Nikola Vukevic. (Montenegro) 96 min
La Scultura: (Drama) Director: Mauro John Capece. (Italy) 96 min


Best Short:
Fruit Cake (Drama/Thriller) Director: Seth M. Sherwood / Sarah Baker Grillo. (Los Angeles, CA USA) 12 min.
Film forum selection:
Unbelief (Crime/Thriller) Director: Fabien Martorell. (NY/France) 16 min.
Young Mallory (Rotoscope/ Thriller) Director: Chidi Ozieh (NYC, USA) 20 min.
If the Trees Could Talk ~ (Drama) Director: Michael Weinstein. (New York, USA) 24min.
Beneath Water (Drama) Director: Charlie Manton (London, UK) 15 min
Nesting Grounds (Drama/Exp.) Director: Ian Scott McCullough (Chicago, IL USA) 15 min.


Best Local Feature:
Ghosting (Supernatural Thriller) Director: Kevin Alexander Boon. (Mont Alto Film Project) (Local) 90 min.
Film forum selection:
Primrose Lane. (Mystery/Thriller). Director: Kathleen Davison. (Local) 88 min.
Traffickers (Crime/Thriller) Director: Sean Roberts. (Local) 90 min
The Tailor’s Apprentice (Drama) Director: Jeff Lehman. 84 min.


Best Local Short:
Stray (Drama) Director: Christian Filippone (Local) 15 min. & Eden (Drama) Director: Chelsea Lupkin (Local) 16:22 min
Film forum selections:
Brotherly Love ~ (Drama) Director: Remy Wallace. (Local) 25 min.


Best Comedy:
Origins of Wit and Humor (Comedy) Director: Christian Gridelli (Chicago, IL) 92 min
Film forum selections:
As it is in Heaven: A Divinely Twisted Comedy. (Comedy) Director: Luke Bruehlman. (NYC)
Spammer. (Comedy) Director: Sanjeev Surati. (Local) 14 min
Suction (Comedy) Director: Mathew Herbertz. 7:30 sec


Best Documentary – Feature:
J Street: The Art of the Possible (Documentary) Director: Ben Avishai and Ken Winikur. (Boston, MA USA) 71 min
Film forum selection:
Buskin’ Blues (Documentary) Director: Erin Derham. (Ashville, NC USA) 61 min
Moon Hoax Now. (Documentary) Director: Jet Wintzer. (New Jersey, USA) 61 min


Best Documentary – Short:
National Scars: the Albert Pike Monuments (Documentary) Director: Jet Wintzer (New Jersey, USA) 12 min.
Film forum selection:
Surviving Kensington ~ (Documentary) Director: Mo Scarpelli. (Local) 13 min. What
Indispensable Shift (Documentary) Director: (Japan) 4min


Best Sci-Fi:
Qualia – (Sci-fi/Drama) Director: Derek LaPorte (California, USA) 97 min
Film forum selection:
Nightmare Code – (Sci-Fi) Director: Mark Netter. (Santa Monica, CA) 89 min
Through The Breaking Glass (Sci-fi) Director: Ivan Mena-Tinoco (Spain) 15 min


Best Horror:
Restoration (Horror) Director: Ryan Oliver. (Chicago, IL) 46 min
Film forum selection:
Night Eyes. Director: David Cocheret. (Netherlands) 79 min
The Blood of Love (Horror) Director: Jeff Meyers. (Los Angeles, Ca USA) 19min.


Best Foreign Film:
La Scultura: (Drama) Director: Mauro John Capece. (Italy) 96 min.
Film forum selection:
Grateful Dead (Horror) Director: Eiji Uchida. (Tokyo, Japan) 72 min
Night Eyes. Director: David Cocheret. (Netherlands) 79 min


Best Animation:
Junk Girl (Animation) Director: (Iran) 15 min.
Film Forum Selection:
Looking Planet (Animation) Director: Eric Law Anderson (California, USA) 23 min


Best Music Video:
“A Place Called Ardoyne” Director Philip Clayton-Thompson (Ireland) 4:30 sec.


Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2014 Laurels

Official Winners – 7th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2014
Rabbit And The Deer
Dir. Peter Vacz

2.-BEST Music Video:
“Suspiria” by Schizo Fun Addict
Dir. Jet Winzer/Schizo Fun Addict and Dario Argento/Goblin/Fruits de Mer Records

Dir. Johanna Hamilton

Soldiers in Art
Dir. Arthur Szyk

The Seventh LIE
Dir. James Hung
Dir. Joseba Elfaro

Detective, Detective, Detective
Dir. Justin Edwards

A Better Mouz Trap
Dir. Sean Spain

Druid Peak
Dir. Marni Zelnick

Dir. Patrick Quagliano

Mount Joy
Dir. Jack Lewars

Dir. JP Hoffman

Hollis Sherman-Pepe

Dir. Jeff Rosenberg ~ (OJ: The Musical)

Vocabulary of the Mysteries
Dir. Jacob Kindlon

Festival Laurel 2013

OFFICIAL WINNERS – 6th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2013

Best Feature:

Wet Behind the Ears. Director Sloan Copeland

1.   HM – Little Red. Director Tate Bunker

2.   HM – Black Tulip. Director Sonia Nassery Cole

Best Local Feature:

Surviving Family. Director Laura Thies

Best Documentary Feature:

Foreign: Fortress. Director Lukas Kokes (CzechRepublic)

US: Duane Michaels: The Man who invented himself. Director Camille Guichard

1.   HM – The Story Man. Director Erik Hudson

2.   HM – Clark: A Gonzomentry. Director Daniel Warwick

Best Documentary Short:

Not anymore: Story of Revolution. Director Mathew VanDyke (US)

Best First Time Filmmaker:

Stephen Dest (My Brother Jack) (US)

Best Short:

Studies in Space. Director Tate Bunker

1.   HM – Seed Story. Director William D. Caballero

Best Local Short:

Destined. Director Michael Giletto

1.   HM – Guests of a Nation. Director Daniel Speers

Best Foreign Feature:

Tu Seras Un Homme (France). Director Benoit Cohen

Best Foreign Short:

Aquel No Era Yo. Director Esteban Crespo (Spain)

1.   HM – Zombi. Director David Moreno (Spain)

2.   HM – Regret of Doubt. Director Rafael Nani (Brazil)

Best Horror Short:

Horizonte. Director. Aitor Uribarri (Spain)

1.   HM – Do you believe in the Devil? Director Alex Grybauskas

Best Animation:

Animation Hotline. Director Dustin Grella

1.   HM – Mechanical Cow. Director Carla Young

Best Music Video:
Bite Horse. Director Sam Walker (UK)


2012 Festival

OFFICIAL WINNERS ~ 5th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2012

Best Feature:
1st – Things I Don’t Understand Director – Director:  David Spaltro
2nd – Maybe Tomorrow – Director: Michael Wolfe
Honorable Mention: Santiago – Director: Felix Martinez

Best First Time Director (Feature):
Angels Around Me – Director: Stephen “Stix” Josey

Best Short:
1st – Organized Criminal – Director: George Santini
Honorable Mention: Nausea – Director: Jeff Curren

Best Local Feature:
1st – Benny the Bum – Director: Paul and Dan Cantagallo
Honorable Mention: The Descending – Director: Kyle Thompson

Best Local Short:
1st – Welcome Home – Director: Danny Donnelly

Best Sci-Fi Feature:
Towers – Director: Jet Wintzer

Best Sci-Fi Short:
Serum – Director: Chidi Ozeih

Best Comedy Feature:
1st Trailer Park Jesus – Director: Sean Gerowin

Best Documentary Feature:
1st – Contradictions of Fair Hope – Director: Epatha Merkerson
2nd – The Revolutionary – Director: Lucy Ostrander, Irv Drasnin, Don Sellers
Honorable Mention- Bailout (US) – Director Sean Fahey

Best Documentary Short:
1st – If I Make It, I Win – Director: Roberto Ferri

Best Social Documentary:
1st It’s A Girl Thing – Director: Shannon Silva

Best Music Documentary:
1st – Inside the Perfect Circle: The story of Joel Thome – Director: Chris Pepino
2nd – Diary of a Decade – Director: Jason Orr

Best Foreign Documentary:
1st – In The Name of Our Mothers (Poland) – Director: Mary Skinner

Best Foreign Feature:
1st – Duck Hunter (Italy) – Director: Edgidio Veronesi
2nd – Zima (Germany) – Katerina Stankovic

Best Foreign Short:
1st – Ausreichend (Germany) – Director: Isabel Prahl
2nd – Sea Pavillion (South Africa) – Director: Todd Somodevilla
Honorable Mention – Suddenly Zinal (Iran) – Director: Navid Azed

Best Animation:
1st – Landscape (France) – Director Anabela Costa
2nd – The Game (Poland) – Director: Marcin Janiec
Honorable Mention – O-Bon (US) – Director: Robert Kauffman

Best Music Video:
1st – Magic Sounds of Arrows (Sweden) – Director: Oskar Gullstrand
2nd – It’s Over Now – KIN4LIFE (US) – Director: Dorian G. Stone



2011 Film Fest

OFFICIAL WINNERS ~ 4th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2011

Best Feature Drama: From the Head  (Comedy/Drama) (George Griffith ~ Director)

Honorable Mention – Feature: Rachel and Diana (Drama) (Dir. Dave Janetta)


Best Feature Comedy: Big Guns Big Guns: (85 mins) (Comedy) Dir. Chris McDonnel

Honorable Mention – Feature Comedy: Frontman (104min) (Comedy) Dir. Ben Hyland


Best – Short: Bathing and the Single Girl (11min) (Underground Romance). Dir. Christine Elise McCarthy

Honorable Mention – Short: The Pond (19min) Dir. Dan Hannon

Honorable Mention – Short: Blink of an Eye (Augenblicke) (Germany) (19min) (Thriller). Dir. Martin Bargiel


Best – Political Feature: Zielinski (66min) (Politics / Documentary) Dir. Chase Thompson / Ryan Walker

Honorable Mention – Political Feature: A Hitler (105 min) Writer/Director Barry J. Hershey
Best – Special Feature: Cure for the Crash – The Art of Train Hoppin (91min) (Doc / Narrative) Dir. Brian Paul Higgens
Best – Feature Length Documentary: Virtual JFK – What if JFK had never been assassinated? (91min) (Documentary) Dir. Koji Masutani (Watson Visiting Fellow )

Honorable Mention – Feature Documentary: Schooling the World The White Mans Last Burdon (65min) (Documentary) Dir. Carol Black

Best – Documentary Short: Voices of Sculpture (30min) (Documentary) Dir. David Steele


Best Feature Length Music Documentary: Meet Me on South Street – History of J. C. Dobbs (50min) (Music Documentary) Dir. George Manney

Honorable Mention – Feature Length Music Documentary: ToddStock (91min) (Music Documentary). Dir. Todd Rundgren, Ed Vigdor

Honorable Mention – Feature Length Music Documentary: BEATBOXING – THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP (55m, U S A) Dir. by Klaus Schneyder
Best Film – Foreign:  Chasing Che (78m, Iran) Dir. by Alireza Rofougaran

Honorable Mention – Foreign: DILLI (25m, India) Dir. by Sushmit Ghosh, Rintu Thomas


Best Thriller Feature: Hamesima X (91min) (Israel) Dir. Or Yashar & Yuval Ovadia

Best Horror Feature: Summer of Massacre. (78min) (Horror) Dir. Joe Castro



2010 Film Fest


OFFICIAL WINNERS  ~ 3rd Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2010

Best Feature:

Kandahar Break (David Whitney ~ Director)

Honorable Mention – Feature

The Beginner (Benjamin Coccio)

Honorable Mention – Feature

Putt Putt Syndrome (Alan Cognata– Director)
Best – Short:

Qing Lou Nu ( Bryan Hopkins ~ Director)

Honorable Mention – Short

Furs ( Jill Knox-Gosse)
Best – Political

Who killed Chea Vichea? (Rich Garella ~ Producer / Bradley Cox ~ Director)

Honorable Mention – Political

Auf Wiedersehen: Till We Meet Again (Linda G. Mills ~ Director / Producer)
Best – Special Feature

Letters from the Desert: Eulogy to Slowness (Michela Occhipinti – Director / Producer)

Honorable Mention – Special Feature

Blue Wonder ( John Shenk / Akemi)
Best – Feature Length Music Documentary

Average Community (Fred Zara ~ Director and Christopher Zara ~ Writer /CoProducer)

Honorable Mention – Feature Length Music Documentary

Riot Acts – Flaunting Gender (Madsen Minax ~ Director)
Best Film – Foreign

Stockholm (United Arab Emirates) (Tiffany Yoon Director/Producer)

Honorable Mention – Foreign

Bruja (PANAMA) (Jason Yamas ~Producer)
Best – Animation

The Lift (Robert Kohr)

Honorable Mention – Animation

The Cow Who Wanted To Be A Hamburger (Bill Plympton)
Best – Music Video

Nicolas Maranda – “646” (Nicolas Maranda ~Director)

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Ruse of Fools – “The Flood” (Mark Gonzalas – Composer)

Honorable Mention – Music Video

DJ Ease Back / Prince Lord – The Light (DJ Ease Back – ~Director)



2009 Film Fest


2nd Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2009

Best Director


Suman Mukhopadhyay
Best Director – Honorable Mention

Jack Rabbit Sky

Andrew Bergmann
Best First Time Director

Bottle World

Alexander Smith
Best First Time Director – Honorable Mention

Cuba Libre

Raimundo Garcia Fernandez
Best Feature

Sex Drugs,Guns

Adrian Selkowitz
Best Feature – Honorable Mention

Karma Calling

Sarba Das
Best Music Doc

D Tour

Jim Granato
Best Music Doc – Honorable Mention

Songs Inside the Box

Max Shores
Best Music Video

Fuck That

Oliver Conrad
Best Music Video – Honorable Mention

City of Noise

Mitch Barany
Best Short

Mr Brooklyn

Jason Sokoloff
Best Short – Honorable Mention

Eel Girl

Paul Campion
Best Political Doc

The Anatomy of Hate

Michael Ramsdell



Philadelphia Ine Film Festival


1st Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2008

Best Political Documentary

Killer At Large
Steven Greenstreet

Best Political Documentary – Honorable Mention
Orange Chronicles
Damian Kolody

Best Sci-Fi
Brian Neuls

Best Foreign
Gabor Herendi

Best Feature Documentary
Xaviera Hollander, ‘The Happy Hooker: Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary’
Robert Dunlap/John Patti

Best Feature Documentary – Honorable Mention
Café Chavalos
Alberto Chamorro

Best Feature Documentary – Honorable Mention
Who Does She Think She is?
Pamela Boll

Best Short Documentary
Digital Pamphleteer
Bill Simmon

Best First Time Director
Brad Robinson
Public Interest

Best Feature
Wherever You Are
Rob Margolies

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