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Trains of Thought: Taskovski Films
Trains Of Thought (2012): Timo Novotny

Trains of Thoughts will unplug you and take you on a trip from Vienna to Moscow, dropping
you off in some of the most emblematic cosmopolitan hubs of the world as New York or
Hong Kong. Sofa Surfers music will beat the time of your trip and with the subway moving
on without a pause, Trains of Thoughts keeps you flowing as the citizens around the world
flow through the tube corridors, and as carriages flow from one stop to another while life
above is going on.


Democracy Year Zero: Taskovski Films
Democracy Year Zero (2013) Christopher Cotteret

Four weeks. This is how long the Tunisian people took to overthrow the dictator Ben Ali and make
way for the greatest geopolitical upheaval of the beginning of the 21st century.
Nevertheless, the Tunisian revolution, as unexpected and dazzling it may have appeared to the
world, is part of a much bigger story. A story that extends from the first revolts in the Gafsa mining
region in January 2008, to the first free elections in October 2011.
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