Santiago – the Movie. Trailer

2012 Festival selection. Santiago (Jesus Guevara) is a drug dealer who agrees to let Miguel (Dan Lopecci), a Mexican actor, follow and study him for his next role. With only Billy (Wesam Keesh) the cameraman at his side, the two set out to document a day in the life of Santiago. Through Billy’s camera we see the story of a man struggling to survive as he juggles a world of prostitutes, territorial control, and drugs in the streets of Los Angeles. As the night comes closer to an end, Miguel slowly reveals his true intentions for following Santiago. All is not as it appears to be in a world of lies and blood shedding truths.

This film marks the feature film debut for everyone who worked on it, including award winning Writer/Director Felix Martiz. Santiago is a truly independent film which was shot all around Los Angeles with a bare bones crew. The Actors rehearsed the scenes for months before the shoot began, this was done so that we could run gun and get our shot on the first take. This film is a perfect example of guerilla filmmaking at its best.

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